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With nearly a decade of experience, we know what districts need

Almost every feature in ReadySub started as a customer suggestion. Our approach takes many different personas into account, creating a complete feature set that brings everything together. From posting an absence to processing payroll, we've got you covered every step of the way.

Human Resources

ReadySub offers HR Administrators a highly configurable and automated solution to support their day-to-day activities. Here are some of the key ReadySub features for HR Administrators.

  • Automate user creation and management
  • Set employee absence limits by school and classification
  • Limit the hours substitutes can work by individual and group
  • Configure multi-step absence approvals by absence reason and date
  • Track substitute credentials and enforce expiration dates
  • Create custom user, site, and reason fields to store additional information
HR software
software for principals


Absence approvals, detailed reporting, and which employees are out of the building are top priorities for principals. ReadySub has these areas covered and much more. Here are some key ReadySub features for principals.

  • Review and approve absences quickly and easily
  • See which employees are absent and which substitutes are scheduled
  • Receive absences and/or jobs reports from ReadySub each morning
  • Set substitute preferences for your school
  • Access detailed reports on employee absences and trends
  • View substitute activity and popularity among your staff

Substitute coordinators

ReadySub fills jobs quickly while providing substitute coordinators with detailed information on substitute availability and activity. Here are some key ReadySub features for substitute coordinators.

  • Receive notifications anytime an absence is created or filled
  • Quickly see which substitutes are available and qualified for any job
  • Assign, transfer, or release substitutes in a couple of clicks
  • View which substitutes were notified of each job and how
  • Keep staff members in the loop when job changes are made
  • Easily enter long-term absences or vacancies
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payroll software


Nothing feels better than completing a successful payroll run, particularly when it's done in a fraction of the time. Here are some key ReadySub features for payroll administrators.

  • Review and reconcile absences in bulk or individually
  • Store and export employee funding information including account codes and splits
  • Add individual substitute and/or job level pay rates by job classification and position
  • Integrate absence and job information with your payroll and/or timekeeping systems


When it comes to employees, simplicity is paramount. ReadySub ensures absences can be entered quickly, and filled effortlessly, so employees can focus on the things that matter most. Here are some key ReadySub features for employees.

  • Enter single or multi-day absences in a few simple clicks
  • Add lesson plans and notes to the substitute and/or administrator
  • Request your favorite substitutes or post to the general pool
  • Receive a text or email when your absence is approved and/or filled
  • Easily view your current leave balance(s)
  • Quickly access your absence history
employee absence management
substitute jobs


With more notification options than any platform on the market, substitutes can access the jobs they want to work. Here are some key ReadySub features for substitutes.

  • Receive job notifications via email, text, phone, and mobile app
  • View and accept jobs that match your location and position preferences
  • Easily setup your availability and non-work days
  • Configure your notification preferences and quiet hours
  • Quickly access district announcements
  • Use ReadySub across multiple districts from a single log in

technology Directors

Technology directors have many variables to consider when it comes to software implementation and ReadySub strives to make that decision easy. Here are some key ReadySub benefits for technology directors.

  • ReadySub is built entirely on Microsoft's Azure Cloud leveraging their best-in-class infrastructure
  • All data passed between ReadySub and its clients is fully encrypted to ensure the information stays private and secure
  • All user passwords are stored in an encrypted hash so that they can never be compromised
  • ReadySub runs in multiple data centers across the US to eliminate loss of data even in the event of a natural disaster
  • ReadySub’s data centers are located in geographically diverse regions. Automatic fault detection guarantees extremely high availability
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